Things to Do Near Minnewaska Lodge: What You Need to Know


Minnewaska Lodge is a boutique resort located just 1.5 hours north of New York City. However, despite its proximity to one of the most bustling metropolises in the world, it’s actually a secluded spot in a gorgeous natural setting. City-dwellers can easily get back in touch with nature and escape their busy urban setting for a little while.

Additionally, there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas. The following are just some of the experiences and activities you might enjoy during a stay at Minnewaska Lodge.

Hiking and Rock Climbing

As the name implies, Minnewaska Lodge is located in the same area as the Minnewaska Preserve, which offers some of the most remarkable hiking trails in New York. Trails range in difficulty from easy to expert, offering something for hikers of all experience levels.

Those who want to have a more thrilling experience might consider tackling some of the nearby rock-climbing routes. The nearby Shawangunk Ridge is a popular destination for some of the country’s most experienced rock climbers. Luckily, if you don’t have much experience in this sport but you’ve always wanted to give it a try, various local businesses offer guided lessons.

Shopping and Dining

Minnewaska Lodge is just a few minutes away from the town of New Paltz. As home to the State University of New York at New Paltz, the town caters to the student population (as well as the numerous tourists who visit the region throughout the year) with a range of shopping and dining options. 


Also, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which has trained many well-known chefs, is just across the river in Poughkeepsie. You may want to head over there for a meal if you have the time. Even if you can’t set aside a few hours to make the trip to Poughkeepsie, you’ll be happy to discover that the CIA’s influence is clearly embodied in the quality of restaurants you’ll find near Minnewaska Lodge. Quite simply, many people who train at the CIA stay in the area, using what they’ve learned to serve the region.

Noteworthy Landmarks

Minnewaska Lodge offers an ideal getaway because it’s small and secluded enough to contrast distinctly with the hustle and bustle of NYC. That said, while you’re in the area, you may consider visiting the nearby Mohonk Mountain House as well.

This popular hotel may not appeal to someone who is trying to get away from busy city living. However, it’s still worth visiting due to its role in pop culture. Scenes from the recent Amazon TV series Upload were filmed there, for one. 

Additionally, Mohonk attracts many celebrities, including Stephen King. He and his family have been visiting the spot regularly for decades. Although the famous horror author has never confirmed or denied the tale, local legend has it that Mohonk Mountain House was one of the inspirations for the haunted Overlook Hotel in King’s novel The Shining.

It’s also worth noting that the grounds of the Mohonk Mountain House property are home to a tower that overlooks the ridge, offering an iconic visual to those approaching the region. According to rumor, that image inspired Bob Dylan to pen his classic tune “All Along the Watchtower.” The fact that he has spent much of his life living and traveling in the region supports this claim. 

Access to Other Famous New York Spots

You may also want to visit Minnewaska Lodge if you’re trying to visit several of the famous landmarks and regions in New York State. This is due to the lodge’s perfectly central location relative to various destinations.

For instance, not too far south from Minnewaska Lodge, you’ll find the United States Military Academy at West Point. During various times of the year, you can tour the historic grounds or dine at one of the campus’ acclaimed restaurants.

Travel north of Minnewaska Lodge, and it won’t take you long to reach the Catskills, where you can hike, sample the local cuisine, or take in breathtaking views at spots like Kaaterskill Falls. On your way up, you could also stop by Kingston, the first capital of New York, or venture past Kingston and visit Albany, the current capital. The point is, if you’re trying to see as much of New York as you can but you need a central location to rest your head after a day of touring the state, Minnewaska Lodge is ideal.

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