6 Things You Need to Do and See While Staying at Minnewaska Lodge

Minnewaska Lodge is an Upstate New York holistic vacation resort that is only 90 minutes from New York City but offers a tranquil and relaxed environment with world-class hospitality. The lodge offers 26 rooms, some with private balconies and others boasting cathedral ceilings, as well as several amenities. However, its most attractive aspects are theContinue reading “6 Things You Need to Do and See While Staying at Minnewaska Lodge”

Amazing Outdoor Experiences Near Minnewaska Lodge

Luckily, even people stuck in the concrete jungle of New York City can easily escape to nature, thanks to nearby getaways like Minnewaska Lodge, a short drive away in the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains.  Surrounded by 25,000 acres of wilderness, Minnewaska Lodge offers gorgeous views of the woods and mountains. Additionally, the resort provides guests withContinue reading “Amazing Outdoor Experiences Near Minnewaska Lodge”